Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Those of us who grew up on Captain Planet got it soundly beaten into our impressionable little brains that we were responsible for saving this planet from the consumerist 80's greedmonster that we were growing up under. Of course, this message was slightly undermined by the nature of the medium (Captain Planet action figures, anyone? Bet those weren't biodegradable) but they sank in nonetheless. Then you grow up and some English teacher makes you read Henry David Thoreau, and you probably miss his Transcendentalist ethos altogether (that's alright in my book!) but remember the old "Simplify (x3)" adage.

And thus, I've repurposed, retitled, and rededicated this blog. It was just gathering cobwebs anyway, but I felt it would be in the spirit of its purpose (one quite unrelated to Nature-worship of any sort, have no fears) to let the old one die, and a new one spring up. Same ol' me, only not. As Green Day said, every new beginning is some other beginning's end.

So. There won't be any homework or lecture today, I'm just passing out the syllabus and taking attendance. Hopefully there won't be too many drop/adds. Have a good day, and tune in next time.


one quiet melody said...

Bennett! I'm excited that you started a blog. After reading your very first comment on God and Stuff, I thought to myself that if you ever started a blog, I would read every word. And here we are!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Bennett said...

Hey there! Is this Amy or Nathan (or some other lurker)? I think the Moderation function is causing some kinda weirdness, so I'm gonna shut it off until and unless. Pro'lly grossly overestimating my appeal anyway, to think I'd need it. ;)